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Web3 StartupAnalyst

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A comprehensive 6-week intensive program online to become a confident analyst for startups in the Web3 space with a portfolio.  


Proven frameworks, strategies, and tools for Web3 investments.

Led by an active VC firm


Hours per week time commitment


AI tutor,

On this program

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Structured step-by-step learning with all you need to start your new career 

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Analyze real cases and create portfolio

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Support from mentors and community

Where you can work after this course?

You can join a VC firm, an accelerator, a DeFi startup, a consulting firm, a Centralized or Decentralized Exchange, and more. 

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Who is leading the course? 

The course is led by an active Web3 investment and advisory firm, 3x Capital, with over six years of experience investing in crypto, 47 investments with 9x returns. 

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Web3 education for your future

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Who can join this course?

It's an entry-lever course, where anyone passionate about Web3 can join and make it to their dream job. 

Your previous experience in finance, or working with startups is a plus, but its not a requirement for this program. 

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Web3 potential and job opportunities

High demand in the market and few specialists

A report by LinkedIn highlighted a 400% increase in the demand for crypto and blockchain-related roles in 2021, underscoring the rapid growth and the critical need for talent in this space. 

The demand can be even higher in this cycle starting in 2024, considering the institutional recognition of Bitcoin and Ethereum through ETFs. 

The future of the internet is being built on Web3, and VCs are scrambling to find talented Web3 professionals. The global Web3 market is projected to reach a staggering $5.5 billion by 2030

• Web3 Venture Capital Firms 

• Web3 Startups

• Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

• Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplaces 

• Blockchain Consulting Firms

• Regulatory and Compliance Organizations

• Crypto Exchanges and Wallet Services

• Blockchain Research Institutes and Think Tanks

• Ecosystem Foundation

Where you can work after the course

1. Equity/Token Investments & Valuations
Dive into the diverse range of Web3 investment vehicles and learn the art of valuing decentralized projects in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
2. Deal Memo Preparation
Master the process of crafting a compelling deal memo, a crucial document that outlines the rationale behind Web3 VC investment decisions
3. Market Assessment
Grasp the techniques for evaluating the potential of Web3 markets, identifying trends, and predicting the future trajectory of decentralized sectors.
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Bonus Lecture: Soft Skills Workshop
You will clearly understand the expected internal and external communication standards, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and culture in a Web3 VC.
4. Tokenomics Discovery
Delve into the world of token economics, understanding how Web3 projects design their tokens to incentivize behaviors, distribute value, and ensure sustainability.
5. Community & Team
Recognize the power of a strong community and team in the Web3 space, and discover methods to evaluate growth, strength, expertise, and vision
6. Backers Overview
Gain insights into the key players and backers in the Web3 VC arena, understanding their strategies, focus areas, and influence on the decentralized investment landscape.

Program Curriculum

Get a sneak peak of the course check out out first lecture  

Format of the 6 weeks intensive program


1-hour online expert lecture


Occasional guest lectures


Market Research Meetings


Peer-to-peer sessions


1-on-1 mentorship


AI tutor & closed community

We aim to grow the industry and onboard the next wave of professionals into Web3, particularly in early-stage startup VC investment. 

Our Mission

Lecturers and Mentors

This is a photo of Ivan Maltsev.

Ivan Maltsev

General Partner, 3x Capital

Ivan is a professional portfolio manager with over seven years of experience. He is also an angel investor and advisor in many blockchain projects. Ivan holds a Ph.D. degree in International Economy.

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This is a photo of Dima Foremnyi.

Dima Foremnyi

General Partner, 3x Capital

Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain, and started investing in 2016.

Linkedin-icon image.
This is a photo ofTaras Yavorskyy.

Taras Yavorskyy

Taras is a serial entrepreneur. He invested in 30+ early-stage startups' tokens and equity. Taras also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.

General Partner, 3x Capital

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At the end of the program 

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Real-world portfolio project

Proof of your hands-on experience - portfolio that you can share with your employee

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Certificate of accomplishment that you can add to your job applications

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Mentor, community and AI Tutor

Your community stays with you to support you on your path 

Register before 22 April to join the next cohort ⏳

Next cohort start

Go Beyond the Certificate

Tackle the real analytical challenge of working on a startup from 3x Capital's pipeline. Apply your knowledge to practical scenarios, preparing you for real-world work.

Real-world portfolio project

Career Advancement

Gain industry-relevant skills and work directly with 3x Capital's team members for an unmatched edge in the blockchain job market.

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Elevate your LinkedIn profile with our Web3 Analyst certification. The Standard and Premium graduates may enhance their marketability with a distinguished credential.

Certification With Perks

Interactive Community & Networking

Connect with Web3 enthusiasts and experts. Our Standard and Premium offering includes exclusive networking opportunities, fostering relationships that propel your career forward.

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Adaptive & Mentor Guided Learning

Advanced Analytics Suite

Gain exclusive access to our Advanced Web3 Analytics Suite. Leverage cutting-edge tools and data analysis resources designed by 3x Capital to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market.

Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your pace, coupled with the structured support of 8 mentorship sessions from seasoned DeFi professionals, ensuring personalized guidance.

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This is a photo of Jefferson Rumanyika.

Building on his existing senior role, Jefferson seamlessly integrated newfound skills after the program, further contributing to Proximity Ventures as a Senior Investment Analyst with a structured focus on web3 startups. His enhanced expertise and strategic insights added significant value to the team.


Gained valuable insights from the 5th Cohort of 3x Education Web 3 Investor Program

by 3x Capital. In the 10-week Metaverse course, I explored tokenomics, on-chain analytics, crypto niches, and more. I'll share my learnings module-wise soon. Thanks to the 3x Capital team, especially my mentor Petro Yanytskyi. Highly recommend this program for those interested in Web 3 startups and investments. Contact me for more info.

Jefferson Rumanyika

Writes about Web3 x Africa. Venture Capital & Startups | Blockchain & Crypto | Investor at Proximity Ventures

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⦿  Self-paced program

⦿  Lecture recordings

⦿  Course materials

⦿  Practical tasks

What you will get


€ 950


⦿  Weekly live moderated peer-to-peer learning sessions

⦿  Weekly live market research
     meetings for 6 months

⦿  Community Access

⦿  NFT Certificate

Everything in the Basic PLUS :


€ 1950

⦿  7 individual mentorship

⦿  Individual feedback & portfolio work

⦿  Guranteed internship offer & reference letter


Everything in the Standard PLUS :


€ 2200

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If the course doesn't meet your expectations, inform our support team with specific details about the issues.

Get 🎁 $1,900 worth

of bonuses for FREE

with Standard or Premium

A personal consultation with Dima - $300
Access to 3x Club for 3 months - $700
Priority chat with mentors - $500
A list of 80 tokenless projects - $300
LinkedIn Optimization Workshop - $100


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