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Intro guide: Aptos Ecosystem

🌊Aptos, the L-1 ecosystem, is built on the Move language, ensuring minimal latency and uninterrupted block commitments. It’s noteworthy that Move was originally created to specifically support the Aptos blockchain, offering outstanding safety, predictability, and interoperability.

In essence, the Aptos blockchain provides seamless access to the latest advancements in decentralization through state-of-the-art technologies and advanced research, gaining significant popularity in both DeFi and gaming projects

💰Aptos has amassed a total funding amounting to $350 million, with recent investors in the blockchain solution including prominent names like Andreessen Horowitz, Jump Crypto, Superskrypt, Franklin Templeton Investments, FTX, and others. Notably, Binance joined the roster of Aptos investors in the Series A round in September 2022.

That’s why we decided to share a list of basic tools, that are used to navigate through the Aptos ecosystem. We will cover these crucial tools here:

  • Wallets — where you can control your assets and keep them secure.

  • Bridges — a way to transfer assets across different blockchains.

  • Decentralized Exchanges — facilitating P2P trading of digital assets.

  • General Tools — set of utilities encompassing blockchain explorers.


⚔️Martian Wallet — a self-custodial wallet for Aptos & Sui, has a great UI and a number of unique functions.

Pontem — pioneer crypto wallet for Aptos with native Dapps. They have integrated swap and the possibility to buy $APT with fiat.


🕳️Portal — bridge powered by Wormhole, enables funds to transfer through a majority of blockchains, including Aptos, and a wide variety of assets. Most DEXes integrated it as the bridge on their apps.

🌍Aptos Bridge from L0 — enables seamless asset transfers between Aptos and the biggest blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and others.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes)

🟪Liquid Swap — the biggest DEX on Aptos implementing AMM and created by Pontem Network

🥞PancakeSwap AMM — leading DEX in the space providing a number of assets.

General Tools

🌊Aptos Explorer — a great tool to monitor and check the status of your transactions in the Aptos ecosystem.

In our discussion, we delved into the essential tools required for seamless navigation within the Aptos ecosystem. By employing these tools, you can elevate capital efficiency, ensuring a more robust financial experience within the Aptos ecosystem.

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