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Step-by-step Guide: Andalusia Labs

Updated: Mar 30

🔐 Andalusia Labs, formerly known as RiskHarbor, is building a risk management infrastructure for digital assets. Andalusia Labs is providing risk management products for cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms

💰 In December 2023, Andalusia Labs announced a $48 million Series A funding round led by top VC firm Lightspeed Venture Partners. Additional investors include Mubadala Capital, Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Digital Currency Group. With this new funding, Andalusia Labs joins the elite ranks of crypto companies valued at over $1 billion.

⏰ Much like how other projects have introduced a points system for platform incentives, Andalusia Labs will likely use its new capital and support to continue developing risk management products for decentralized finance. Additional features and rewards programs could drive adoption among crypto traders and institutions.

Step-by-step guide

❗️Before starting, please ensure that you have a wallet and ETH on it. If don’t, install a Metamask wallet and deposit ETH.

1) ➕ Add karak network to Metamask wallet:

Network name: KarakTestnet

Chain ID: 2511

Currency symbol: ETH

2) ➡️ Go to Subsea and claim faucet tokens

3) *️⃣ If fails Join Discord & claim faucet tokens

4) ⬇️ After receiving tokens go to account details on Subsea and open deposit, then deposit 1000 USDC

❗️It can take a while to finish. If there is an Error just leave it there and return later, USDC should be transferred

5) 🤲 Provide Protection for 400 USDC in the available pool

6)👷 Buy protection for 300 USDC from each available pool.

❗️There is only 1 at the moment, Pool B.

To sum up, you can take part in a free testnet on Karak from Andalusia Labs using our guide. Don’t forget to keep an eye on their socials as the team has already informed abound upcoming mainnet.

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