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Step-by-step guide: Karak Mainnet

Updated: Mar 30

🫖 Karak, the pioneering risk management L2 blockchain, is revolutionizing the landscape of secure applications for the next billion users developed by Andalusia Labs. With its focus on modular security, developers can innovate without compromising safety, launching hyper-secure rollups from day one. This modular security, deeply embedded at the network layer, ensures that Karak’s ecosystem scales alongside its usage, thanks to sequencer fees unlocking a native protection flywheel.

👀 Additionally, Karak’s commitment to decentralized AI opens up new horizons, offering open infrastructure that prioritizes censorship resistance, privacy, and verifiability. This empowers developers to seamlessly integrate machine learning models into various applications, leveraging cryptographic techniques for refinement, monetization, and model inference.

💰 In December 2023, Andalusia Labs secured a $48 million Series A funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with contributions from Mubadala Capital, Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Digital Currency Group. This investment propels Andalusia Labs into the esteemed realm of crypto companies valued at over $1 billion.

❗️We have already covered possible activities on the Karak Testnet in the form of a Step-by-Step guide, which you could have missed. We recommend checking the guide out here.Additionally, please take a look at our EVM ecosystem guide, where you will get an understanding of the basic features of EVM.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1) 👛 Start with adding Karak mainnet to your wallet on Chainlist.

2) ☝️ Next, join Karak boosted XP program by going to this page, and connecting socials with your wallet.

👀 You will need an invite code to enter the XP program feel free to use these:






❗️Currently, XP points are distributed depending on the bridged amount and held amount of assets.

3) 🍊 After that, you will need to bridge ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to the Karak mainnet. To complete this most cheaply, do as follows:

- Withdraw ETH from the OKX account in zkSync to your Metamask.

- Use a bridge (e. g. Orbiter Finance) to transfer ETH from zkSync to the Ethereum mainnet.

- Bridge funds to the Karak Mainnet.

4) 🔎 Another way to be active on the Karak Mainnet is to use available products, the number of which is currently limited. The one is already available — Subsea protocol. This is a risk management marketplace for assets.

4.1) 🌊 To start using Subsea protocol, go to their application and protect part of your assets in aEthUsdc pool

4.2) 🧾 Then to maximize capital efficiency go to pools for protection provision and provide protection with USDC.e for any given pool

5) 🤝 Lastly, Karak has launched a comprehensive social campaign on Zealy, where you can explore Karak. To complete the campaign you will need to support the project’s socials.

5.1) 🙌 Additionally, you can complete developer tasks by deploying Smart Contract to gain higher Zealy level and relevant roles in Karak Discord.

The quick guide to doing so:

- Go to Atlas, a cloud IDE for the EVM ecosystem, and register your account there.

- Connect your wallet and choose the Karak Mainnet.

- Then use Atlas Copilot and ask it to write the cheapest Karak Smart Contract and copy it to IDE.

- Deploy your contract!

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