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Step-by-step guide: StarkNet x Braavos

Updated: Mar 30

✴️ StarkNet is ambitiously tackling one of the most pressing needs in crypto — scalability. As an L2 network for Ethereum, StarkNet leverages zero-knowledge proofs to enable unlimited computation for dApps without sacrificing security. This powerful technology unlocks new potential for blockchain’s real-world use through vastly improved speed and efficiency.

💰 StarkNet has quickly gained backing from top crypto investors who recognize its game-changing promise. Over $150 million has been invested across multiple funding rounds led by the likes of Sequoia, Paradigm, Pantera, and Coinbase Ventures. With an all-star roster rallying behind it, StarkNet is positioned to profoundly impact crypto’s foundation layer.

👛 On the other end of the stack, Braavos wallet delivers critical utilities for end users to harness blockchain innovations, while securing $10M in backing from Pantera Capital,, and StarkWare. Via browser extensions, mobile, and more, Braavos Wallet provides intuitive self-custodial management of digital assets. As crypto advances into the mainstream, secure and usable tools for individual participation are imperative.

Step-by-step guide:

1) 🔐 Create your Braavos wallet, if you don’t have it already

2) 💰 To continue the journey you will need to activate your wallet by depositing ETH to your account. To do so, head over to Orbiter Finance.

❗️Also, you can use the OKX exchange account to send ETH directly to your StarkNet wallet with the lowest fees.

3) 🆔 Then, we will need to mint Starknet ID here. It will be needed to access StarkNet Quests.

❗️Use 5+ characters in your domain to keep its price at 0.009 ETH.

4) 🪪 Verify socials(Twitter, Discord, GitHub) and identity for your StarkNet Identity to create a proof of personhood.

5) 👷 Complete all Starknet Quests on this website, you will need at least 50$ of ETH in your wallet to finish all.

❗️Try completing quests while ETH gas fees are at their lowest (around 15–20 gwei), to track ETH gas use this browser extension.

🔎 In order to receive 5% more points in the Nostra program use this link.

6) 🙋 Complete Zeally Braavos' quests here. You can find answers here.

❗️It is important to reach 5,100 points and receive a Bronze Braavosian role through quests.

7) 💪 Finally, try getting a higher pro score in Braavos wallet, reaching 90%, and a new role in Braavos Discord. To do so you will need to maintain on-chain activity in the Starknet ecosystem, making transactions on as many as possible protocols there.

In conclusion, completing these activities will require at least 60$ deposited to your StarkNet wallet if you follow the advice we have given in this article.

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