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How to break intoWeb3

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5-day intensive course on how to become a full-time Web3 professional

+ bonus lecture from Web3 Startup Analyst course

Early bird for only €30 instead of €120

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Are you looking to leap and get a full-time Web3 job?

Not sure how to start working in Web3 if you have no experience?

Are you overloaded with unstructured information from too many sources?

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Want to take advantage of Web3 opportunities and get job offers?

 Do not have peers and industry professionals to learn with?

Do you need more confidence about investment in Web3 startups? 

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5 Modules with a total duration of 100+ minutes of video
from 3x Capital's General Partners and Senior Analyst.

Early bird for only
€30 instead of €120!

You are not risking anything. We have a money-back guarantee. 
If you change your mind within the first three days - we will refund you without questions!

After the course

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You will have a clear

step-by-step path on how to switch to Web3

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Prepared profile for applications and ideas how to create your portfolio

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Understanding how Web3 companies operating and their expectations 

Web3 potential and job opportunities

High demand in the market and few specialists

Since 2009, the cryptocurrency market has experienced significant growth that spurred a high demand for specialists in Web3 technologies, particularly in areas such as blockchain development, decentralized finance (DeFi), and smart contracts.

Due to the relatively recent development of Web3 technologies, there is indeed a shortage of professionals with specialized skills in these areas.

Our venture capital firm has initiated educational programs aimed at training specialists for our team and other companies in the industry. 

Why join us?

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We have worked in crypto since 2016 and changed numerous roles within investment ourselves.

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The course is based on 

3x Capital's internal hiring process and as a result of hundrets of interviews.

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One of the lecturers ran a successfull hiring and outsourcing business in the past.

Our mission

We aim to grow the industry and onboard the next wave of professionals into Web3, particularly in early-stage startup VC investment. 

How the course works?

We will release 1 lesson a day for 5 days in a row. At the end of this course, you will have a test and an opportunity to keep studying  with us 

What will happen after you've completed the course?

You will have:

○ ​A clear understanding of what to expect from the role

○ Precise expectations of the employers in the web3        investment field 

○ Updated LinkedIn profile ready to go for your applications

○ Understanding of what to write in the cover letter and          what to say in the interviews

○ Sneak peek at the analyst role and tasks you will have

○ Plan on creating your work portfolio.

Lesson 1

Why is it so hard to get into (Web3) VC? How VC works?

You will understand VC business, internal process of a VC firm, all steps to assess potential investment into a Web3 startup.

Lesson 2 

Is it a right job for you? What can you expect from the analyst job?

You will understand the day to day activities of an analyst, overall structure of roles, tasks and responsibilities in a firm.

Lesson 3

What VC expects from you as an analyst?

You will have a list of tools, metrics, and skills expected to perform as an A player.

Lesson 4

How do we recommend to prepare for the interview and get your Linkedin profile ready?

You will have a clear picture of how Web3 jobs differ from Web2. You will have sources of information and what activities you need to do to be Web3 savvy.

Lesson 5

How to switch to Web3 job if you already have experience in Web2?

You will have a list of tips for updating your profile, and you will have updated it to stand out.


Free first lecture of the Web3 Investment Analyst course from 3x Capital.

You will understand where to get the needed experience and work portfolio to make the best out of your interview.

Program Curriculum

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Lecturers and Mentors

This is a photo of Ivan Maltsev.

Ivan Maltsev

General Partner, 3x Capital

Ivan is a professional portfolio manager with over seven years of experience. He is also an angel investor and advisor in many blockchain projects. Ivan holds a Ph.D. degree in International Economy.

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Dima Foremnyi

General Partner, 3x Capital

Dmytro headed a startup accelerator and an innovation hub. He helped over 100 early-stage startups to grow and attract funding. Wrote his first article about blockchain, and started investing in 2016.

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This is a photo of Taras Yavorskyy.

Taras Yavorskyy

Taras is a serial entrepreneur. He invested in 30+ early-stage startups' tokens and equity. Taras also has over five years of management experience in top-tier international companies.

General Partner, 3x Capital

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This is a photo of Jefferson Rumanyika.

Building on his existing senior role, Jefferson seamlessly integrated newfound skills after the program, further contributing to Proximity Ventures as a Senior Investment Analyst with a structured focus on web3 startups. His enhanced expertise and strategic insights added significant value to the team.


Gained valuable insights from the 5th Cohort of 3x Education Web 3 Investor Program

by 3x Capital. In the 10-week Metaverse course, I explored tokenomics, on-chain analytics, crypto niches, and more. I'll share my learnings module-wise soon. Thanks to the 3x Capital team, especially my mentor Petro Yanytskyi. Highly recommend this program for those interested in Web 3 startups and investments. Contact me for more info.

Jefferson Rumanyika

Writes about Web3 x Africa. Venture Capital & Startups | Blockchain & Crypto | Investor at Proximity Ventures

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3x Capital is an investment and advisory firm focusing on seed-stage Web3 startups. 3x Capital invests in Web3 seed-stage startups' equity and tokens, runs an investment syndicate, advises and accelerates startups.

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Based on 3x Capital's insights 3x Education offers cutting-edge courses in the realm of Web3. Programs are tailored to cater to both beginners and experienced individuals, focusing on Web3 careers for startups and DeFi analysts.